Other-Worldly Romantic Thriller Novel Adapted into Film

Daniel Blake Smith has obtained the rights to adapt British writer SC Cunningham’s novel, THE DEAL, into a feature film. The story centers on an other-worldly setting: A young woman mysteriously killed awakens in the afterlife to discover a global network of like-minded souls righting wrongs, tracking criminals, and protective the living.

“Cunningham’s book creates a fantastic and provocative world,” Smith says, “that is genuinely cinematic and perfect for a film adaptation. It asks the simple and profound question: what if we, the living, aren’t alone, and there are ‘avenging angels’ in the next life protecting and fighting for us? I can’t wait to adapt this page-turning story into an equally absorbing, entertaining, and meaningful film.”

Smith, who will also help produce the film, hopes to get a script completed by the spring and then reach out to directors, actors, and financiers.

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