Daniel Blake Smith

About Daniel

Daniel Blake Smith ​is a writer and filmmaker who loves to tell true, compelling American stories. Raised in the north Texas town of Wolfe City and educated at Oklahoma State University and the University of Virginia (where he received his doctorate in American history), Smith is the author of five books, most recently, MR. WONDERFUL, his debut novel.

Many of Smith’s films focus on powerful, pivotal moments in our nation’s past: he wrote and coproduced FEBRUARY ONE, a feature documentary about the 1960 Greensboro, N.C., lunch counter sit-in that helped launch the Civil Rights Movement. FEBRUARY ONE aired nationally on PBS’s ‘Independent Lens.’ He also wrote two prize-winning documentaries (both narrated by film star James Earl Jones) about native American life: CHEROKEE LEGACY: THE TRAIL OF TEARS and BLACK INDIANS: AN AMERICAN STORY. Smith’s documentary biopic about Edgar Allan Poe (TERROR OF THE SOUL), starring John Heard and Treat Williams with music by Philip Glass, aired on PBS’s ‘American Masters’ series. Smith’s documentary history of Kentucky, narrated by film star Ashley Judd, KENTUCKY: AN AMERICAN STORY, aired on regional PBS.

Smith’s current work includes his thriller, THE LAZARUS PROJECT, about how a down-on-his-luck young man has his world turned upside down when it’s discovered that his blood cures cancer. He’s also writer/producer on an epic Western, STEEL. Smith is the co-author/producer of TEXAS HEART (Indie Rights, 2016), a crime thriller starring John Savage (THE DEER HUNTER) and Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS), available now on Amazon Prime as well as on DVD via Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. He’s writer/producer of two short films: SAFE & HAPPY, and MEMORY BOX, selected for nearly 60 festivals worldwide. Finally, Mr. Smith has published two novels, MR. WONDERFUL, available as paperback or ebook on Amazon, and CRAZY LOVE (Pegasus Publishers) to be released later in 2021.

Upcoming Films



When a down-on-his-luck 20-something discovers his blood cures cancer, he quickly finds himself dangerously poised between the rush of fame and fortune and the hot pursuit of Big Pharma determined to eliminate him and his “miracle blood.” LIMITLESS meets THE FUGITIVE.


THE PHOENIX is a dramatic feature film project that explores the remarkable true-life story of Harold Dennis-a young man who pulled himself away from a tragic, transforming moment and revived his life with moving courage and inspiring vigor


(romantic drama)

Co-authored with Elizabeth Anne Martin

A self-centered woman contributes to a car crash killing a mysterious and beautiful young man, and then seeks redemption by becoming involved with the victim's identical twin brother-only to be shocked at where destiny finally takes her.


Evil’s Match is a romantic thriller in a between-worlds setting: A young woman mysteriously killed years after a vicious assault awakens in the afterlife with the opportunity to avenge her attacker but must abide by the rules of other-worldly justice. Based on SC Cunningham’s immersive novel, THE DEAL.


An epic Western about a legendary gunfighter and lawman whose brush with death leads to revenge, redemption, and immortality.


A young man faces a major crisis in his life when a dangerous spirit from his (and his family's) past bent on revenge suddenly reappears. In the vein of HEREDITARY and WE ARE STILL HERE.