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Texas Heart Gets Its U.K. Premiere

Proud to say that Texas Heart had its U.K. premiere Saturday, August 20, on Flix Premiere, a London-based digital platform.  Check it out at:  Our film is now international!

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OUR FAMILY DREAMS is now released!

My new book, OUR FAMILY DREAMS, is now out from St. Martin’s Press, and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, as they say, in fine bookstores everywhere!  Stay tuned for upcoming book signings and talks, radio interviews, etc.

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Blog Entry on St. Martin’s Press The History Reader

The Urban-Rural Divide: Deep Roots in American History by Daniel Blake-Smith The urban-rural divide throughout American history Anyone observing America’s ongoing culture wars, especially as they surface in the current presidential election cycle, is forcefully reminded that we are not a country divided by red and blue states; it’s an urban-rural divide that represents the…

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