Enthusiastic Review for TEXAS HEART from The Independent Critic

TEXAS HEART just got a very strong review in Richard Propes’ The Independent Critic. An excerpt from his review:

“Working off a script by Daniel Blake Smith and Nick Feild, Mark David has created a breezy and entertaining film existing in the crime thriller tradition of recent Grisham-based films. The film is cast with a combination of up-and-coming Mississippi actors, as the film was largely shot with Mississippi filling in for the small town Texas locale, along with a couple of known actors, INSIDIOUS’S Lin Shaye and THE DEER HUNTER’S John Savage, adding significant heft to smaller roles.

“Among the more local actors, Johnny Dowers, as Sheriff Dobbs, and Rhes Low, as Deputy Tim Cash, make particularly strong impressions with a spot-on chemistry that gives the film a tremendous spark. The film held a few more surprises for this particular film critic, from the presence of social media friend Brad Fowler in the cast to the familiar face of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN’s memorable Richard Jackson. It’s clear that David has worked hard to give the film a rich authenticity and that effort has paid off quite nicely. . . TEXAS HEART is truly an actors’ film and this ensemble is more than up to the task of handling this intelligently written and emotionally honest material.”

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